I loved Joe

I loved Joe
I loved the simplicity of Joe

You are laid in rows

Instead of the horror of capitalism,
my eyes are focused on a color spectrum
and the depth of femininity     

Your feet are uncovered a bit
through the gamut of rainbow color sarees,
showing cracked, lifeless toes
that had been holding the weight of life
till this unforseen end

My eyes and fingertips
searched for your mistakes
whenever I bought Joe……..
I demanded for perfection
for each penny I paid

Your hands might tremble in exhaustion
while your wedding rings were hurt by needles
forcing you to sell your last gold
That exact day,
you might miss one thread,
in the collar button of Joe
leaving me a chance to value
the quality of your craftsmanship     

I chose my Joe in sad colors
I found it elegant
I found it exquisite                                                                                          
Hadn’t you viewed your pain in colors
I wouldn’t have enjoyed your sorrows
by letting it touch my skin
under the elusive shades of Joe                           

I used to love Joe
I used to love the simplicity of Joe


“Bodies of victims of a building collapse lie numbered in a row in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh, Wednesday, April 24, 2013. An eight-story building housing several garment factories collapsed near Bangladesh’s capital on Wednesday, killing dozens of people and trapping many more under a jumbled mess of concrete. Rescuers tried to cut through the debris with earthmovers, drilling machines and their bare hands.” stamfordadvocate.com

Among other western brands, the brand Joe Fresh is found in the collapsed building.

(Photo: A.M.Ahad, stamfordadvocate.com)

© Subhadra Jayasundara